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Claudia Donovan

Claudia Donovan


Claudia Donovan is one of the most recognized names in DC real estate, known for her stellar reputation, strong negotiating skills, and thoughtful, strategic approach. With over 35 years of experience, Claudia is part of a very small circle of agents who can truthfully claim they have seen the market through its many fluctuations—this hardwon distinction is what often sets her apart with clients who want an expert at the table and a steady hand at the helm. 

“I was first introduced to Washington, D.C. as a graduate student at Catholic University,” says Claudia, a Long Island native who was studying drama at the time. “I knew as soon as I settled in that I had found my new hometown.”

Her career path took her into residential real estate, and she found her love of theater exemplified on DC’s real estate stage. “No other place in the country matches the character of the neighborhoods and communities here in DC and Maryland,” she adds. “After over 35 years in the business, I’ve seen enough dramatic entrances and exits to know how to navigate each scene. The trick is turning plot twists into happy endings. And that’s exactly what I get to do!” 

Claudia is a highly recognized name in DC real estate, known for her stellar reputation, vast strategic experience, and strong negotiating skills. She takes pride in helping clients buy and sell real estate in Chevy Chase, throughout DC, and its nearby Maryland neighbors, and she holds several sales records, constantly ranking in the area’s top tier of producers.

“There’s a lot to love about this job, but I have a particular soft spot for people who are downsizing their homes,” she said in a recent interview. “This transition can be fraught with frenzy, emotions, and complications, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients realize the benefits of living smaller and smarter—and closer to the people and activities they care about. Making this process seamless, stress-free, and actually enjoyable is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

Committed to making Washington, D.C. a better place to live, Claudia contributes to the Northwest Neighbors Village, which helps upper Northwest residents remain independent in their own homes as they age, and is an active supporter of the DC art scene. She has also been involved with several important organizations in the region, namely Washington Project for the Arts, Avalon Theater, and Rock Creek Conservancy.

Claudia finds herself most at home on the waters of Annapolis and Onancock, where she sails with family and friends, and in her home in Chevy Chase, D.C.


Office: 301-298-1001

Claudia: 202-251-7011

Pam: 202-320-4169

Elizabeth: 864-704-2965

5471 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 300
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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