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Your premier partner in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland real estate.

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Featured Neighborhood: Chevy Chase
Featured Neighborhood: Chevy Chase, D.C.

Find out what makes Chevy Chase, D.C. different from its Maryland twin—and why people are happy to call it home.

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The better you can define your ideal home, the faster (and more easily!) you and your trusted realtor will find it. 

The Stress-Free Guide to Downsizing
The Stress-Free Guide to Downsizing

At Donovan & Wye, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners live bigger by scaling back. Find out how to prepare for the next adventure.

Find Your Dream Home
Find Your Next Favorite Neighborhood

From condos on Capitol Hill to homes for sale in Chevy Chase, D.C., our local neighborhoods have lots to offer homeowners. We’ll help you check all the boxes.

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Tell us a little about your house, and we’ll determine its potential value in today’s market, whether you need to sell right away or a few months down the road.

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We’re here to help! Every great listing starts by gathering some preliminary information to help identify your home and its place in the market.


Experience, Trust, and Innovation

Donovan Wye Mandle is a Compass real estate firm founded and grounded in innovative, intelligent, and confident results for clients.

After over 12 years of working side by side, Claudia Donovan and Pam Wye joined forces to assist homebuyers, sellers, and investors across DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Built on the intersection of experience and innovation, Donovan & Wye is committed to making a seamless search-and-sell experience across the board, using their partnership with Compass to deliver high-tech service and high-impact results. As two of the most trusted agents for real estate in Washington DC, Claudia and Pam look forward to making the most of your time, your energy, and your home value.

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Office: 301-298-1001

Claudia: 202-251-7011

Pam: 202-320-4169

Elizabeth: 864-704-2965

5471 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 300
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

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